On Venice and Cardross

Public Arts Scotland 24th February 2011


Renovation means goodbye to Berlin

BD 21st January 2011


Amid all the drama, there's a tragedy

BD 17th December 2010


Anxious Care and Unsightly Aids: Glasgow and Venice, Past and Future

To Have and to Hold, innovative conservation theory and practice from the nineteenth to the twenty first century.

Scotland at the Venice Biennale


Weighing up the Housing Benefits

BD 14th November 2010


Redesigning Stuttgart with Vuvuzelas

BD 24th September 2010


Living in the greatest show on earth

BD 4th September 2010


Olympics should look to Edinburgh

BD 30th July 2010


Review: Norman Foster, a Life in Architecture, by Deyan Sudjic

Daily Telegraph 25th June 2010


On the Art of Surviving Degree Shows

BD Friday 25th June 2010


Patrolling the window box war zone

BD Friday 7th May 2010 


Cushion Plumpers will inherit the earth

BD Friday 19th March 2010


Deconstructing a visit from Eisenman

BD Friday 21st February 2010


Goodwin may Prove a Wise Investment

BD Friday 22nd January 2010


When the Mighty fall, we must Rise

BD Friday 4th December 2009


Edinburgh: Time to Take off the Mask

Building Design 5th November 2009


Built to Change

Thinking about architecture is dominated by innovation - even masterpieces are thought of as frozen in time. But, argues Edward Hollis, most buildings pass like folk tales down the generations, growing richer with each retelling.

The Guardian 5th September 2009


Las Vegas: Even better than the real thing?

Far from being a kitsch stage-set city, Las Vegas is an attempt to perfect the planet's greatest hits, writes Edward Hollis.

Independent, 10th October 2009


Reality Checkpoint

Two words scratched onto a lamp-post in the middle of Parker's Piece reveal much about how we understand - and misunderstand - the fabric of Cambridge.

CAM Magazine Easter 2009


Delight: the Capilla Avila

In Rome's Trastevere, this extraordinarily compressed and distilled funerary chapel offers visions of the world of the spirit through bravura performance in the material sphere...






Architectural Review November 1st 2003